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carelink+ customers are successfully bulk claiming via the NDIS portal

Despite the well-publicised NDIA myPlace provider portal issues, carelink+ has been able to ensure their customers have experienced minimal claim delays.
Customers using the carelink+ Bulk Claim Export now have a web tool which converts the file to the exact NDIS .csv Bulk Claim format which has allowed them to successfully received payments from the NDIA within 48 hours. Better still, the web app can be updated within 24 hours by the carelink+ team to incorporate any further changes to the NDIS claiming file requirements.

“We have worked collaboratively with a number of our key carelink+ customers to ensure they can make successful bulk claims. Those customers who have validated our bulk claim tool have all confirmed they have received timely payments from the NDIA.“ said Craig Porte, CEO carelink+.

“We have learned to stay nimble to manage the daily changes occurring to the myPlace Provider Portal, and our team have worked tirelessly to make sure our customers can successfully make bulk claims and actively manage their cash flows.“ said Craig.


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