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DSS Exchange (DEX)

Family Services interface to DEX is available


With the completely new Partnership data set and web services based reporting engine carelink+ can manage your DSS reporting. It includes error management functionality for Cases and Session, and ability to manage submission and resubmission of data via our web services interface. Under our web services model the data is managed as data is entered in carelink+, rather than being checked at submission time and having to analyse six months of data for potential errors.

More than the Aged Care services are reported through DEX and below is list of in scope services for DEX. It is likely more of the Disability and Mental Health Services to be reported through DEX in the future and your carelink+ interface will continue to be expanded to report on those services.

The Government recognises the significant impost the introduction of a new reporting regime under CHSP will have on service providers. It has offered grants to assist service providers prepare for, and comply with, CHSP reporting through DEX.

List of in scope DSS Data Exchange Programmes:

Families and Children:

  1. Children’s Contact Service
  2. Family Law Counseling
  3. Family Dispute Resolution
  4. Family Relationship Advice Line
  5. Family Relationship Centre
  6. Parenting Orders Programme – post separation co-operative parenting
  7. Supporting Children After Separation Programme
  8. Regional Family Dispute Resolution
  9. Family and Relationship services
  10. Communities for Children Facilitating Partners
  11. Children and parent support services
  12. Intensive Family Support Services
  13. Young people
  14. National Find and Connect
  15. Forced Adoptions Support Services
  16. Royal Commission Interim support services

Financial Well-being and Capability:

  1. Financial crisis and material aid – emergency relief
  2. Commonwealth Financial counseling and financial capability
  3. Financial Capability – Cape York
  4. Financial counseling helpline
  5. Problem gambling
  6. Financial Resilience

Settlement Services:

  1. Settlement grants

Community Mental Health Services :

  1. Community Mental Health, Early Intervention for Children
  2. Young Carer Bursary Programme
  3. Carer Information and Support Service
  4. Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres
  5. Consumer Directed Respite Care
  6. Dementia Education and Training for Carers Programme
  7. National Carer Counseling Programme
  8. Mental Health Respite: Carer Support
  9. Targeted Community Care Mental Health Respite: Carer Support New Measures 2012-14
  10. Targeted Community Care Family Mental Health Support Services New Measures 2012-14
  11. Targeted Community Care Personal Helpers and Mentors Expansion New Measures 2012-14
  12. Targeted Community Care Personal Helpers and Mentors New Measures 2012-14 PHaMs Employment

Aged Care:

  1. Commonwealth Home Support Programme

So if you have DSS reporting via the data exchange and want more information on the carelink+ reporting tool please contact Francis McGahan


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