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Latest Aged Care Approvals Round news

carelink+ customers sweep the community packages in latest ACAR. Not only did two of our customers (Uniting and Annecto) get in the top four providers receiving the most packages in the March ACAR round, many carelink+ customers also received packages with most exceeding previous allocations.

As usual demand for packages exceeded supply 20 to 1 (126,808 home care packages tendered for 6,445 available), with community care package demand outstripping what the government made available.

Packages were allocated to 114 providers nationally with the top five allocations Feros Care (435 packages), IntegratedLiving (372 packages), Uniting NSW/ACT (362 packages) and Annecto (288 packages).

The government made a significant revision to the number of high care packages being allocated. This was after market feedback on unmet demand for level 3 and 4 packages and vacancies in the levels 1 and 2 packages. The 6,445 home care places included 5,995 level 3 and 4 packages, which was an increase of 55 per cent on the 2014 ACAR.

This was the final ACAR for community packages with February 2017 seeing the introduction of funding going directly to the consumer.

The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market