NDIS Management


carelink+ is NDIS ready! Offering financial management through the Advanced Financial Packages and Bulk Claiming to NDIA and client and staff management through powerful rostering, case management tools and Forms Management.

Care Plans

  1. Build-your-own care plans
  2. Clinical pathway model of care planning
  3. Track goals and goal achievement
  4. Business Intelligence Reporting Tool


  1. Flexible Service delivery
  2. Sophisticated rostering and scheduling


  1. Multiple Funding sources
  2. Government, Private, Self-Funding flexibility
  3. Track and manage packages

Consumer Statements

  1. Comprehensive statements of delivered services
  2. Planned, Actual and Balance


  1. Client Portal with rosters, financial packages, messaging
  2. Mobile applications for service delivery reconciliation
  3. Employee Portal
  4. Reminders – the carelink+ user message system
  5. SMS, Maps, Letter Templates, Email

Budget Management

  1. Program Budgets
  2. Financial Packages
  3. Track actual, planned and balances in dollars and hours
  4. Budget views for regional and program management



The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market