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carelink+ is the pre-eminent client management system; purpose built for the Australian community services.  Our customers enjoy the benefits of powerful Rostering, Care Planning, Financial Management, Award Interpretation and Reporting.

carelink+ enables the low cost model through a fully integrated solution with mobile applications and portals for interacting with Clients, Families and Staff. As a scalable solution it handles niche organisations through to the 500+ user organization with multi-site deployment and is particularly suited to multi-program service delivery. Over $1 million annually is spent on Research and Development based on a 3 year rolling Road Map for carelink+.


carelink+ is the pedigree client management system that is purpose built for community services in Australia.

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The carelink+ smartphone solution supports BYOD as a web based solution and offline capability for Android.

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Self Service

Self-service is the direction consumers are demanding and service providers to create a true trading environment with clients which reduces overhead and realises the low cost model of service delivery.

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Web Online

2016 is a big year with the release of the 3rd generation product in the carelink+ family.

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End to end services are provided by our experienced consultants many of them have been in the customers’ shoes in previous lives. We don’t shy away from dealing with the hard decisions and never leave matters unresolved. We handle the big and small projects and follow Prince2 methodology but tailor the approach based on the level of guidance our customer wants.
After 15 years we have seen what works and doesn’t and are fearless in giving our opinion.



Our teams of professionals provide experience, project management skills and business know how to deliver the options our customers require to implement carelink+ effectively.

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No one training approach fits all and customers implementing carelink+ and those that have it in production have different training needs.

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Data Migration

Our data migration expert and implementation consultants have done a lot of migrations and can advise you how to best provide your data for import to carelink+.

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carelink+ interfaces to well over 50 separate third party systems.

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Reports Shop

The shop provides a selection of carelink+ reports to browse, review, purchase and download into carelink+.

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The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market