Purpose built for Australian community services organisations as an enterprise solution that enables our customers to compete in their contestable markets with:

  1. Single client view with data shared across programs, regions and divisions
  2. Powerful scheduling and workforce optimisation tools
  3. Compliance reporting at the click of a button
  4. Quoting and budgeting tools for individualized funding of NDIS and CDC and now Mental Health

Enables lowest cost model of service delivery using:

  1. Mobile apps for time and attendance processes
  2. Exception based approving
  3. Award interpretation
  4. Invoicing and claims for NDIS , CDC, Private Clients and many other funding sources
  5. Integration to the DSS Data Exchange and many other government reporting exports
  6. Interfaces with popular 3rd party Financial and Payroll systems

Workflow and Outcomes measurement

  1. Forms Management allows you to digitalise any document or evaluation tool and to build forms for the capture of outcomes and progress reporting
  2. Workflow tools allow access controls, calculations, tracking and alerts based on triggers



The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market