Forms Management

Digitalise any document in your business and report on outcomes, The Forms Management Tool is a flexible and dynamic feature that templates documents, provides workflows, permissions, scoring, predicated questions/responses, email and much more allowing free form design of data elements and screens, and tracking of historical responses.

  1. Utilisation of Carer & Client database fields which update the database
  2. User defined controls check box, date field, drop-down list, image, note box, number field, text box, radio button & labels
  3. Shortcuts to Alerts, Documents, Email/SMS, Client Events, Letters, Notes, Reminders, Roster Time
  4. Multiple sections and sub-sections
  5. Workflows, Notifications, Actions
  6. Tracking and History
  7. Permissions
  8. Duplication, Archiving and Version control with the option to lock down superseded forms
  9. Allow Other Individuals to be attached to Form
  10. Field types including scoring & calculated fields, multi-value response custom control, time field and electronic signature
  11. Ability to save questions for re-use in other templates
  12. Ability to set evaluation & reassessment periods
  13. Permissions with option for read-only access to forms
  14. Ability to track the percentage completion of a form
  15. Ability to filter for unanswered questions
  16. Email utility

With too many features to describe here and a tablet version available in 2016, for more information contact Francis McGahan

The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market