Self Service

Community care services - Carelink+

Self-service is the direction consumers are demanding for many aspects of the delivery of community care services.  Service providers are expected to create a true trading environment with clients, reducing overhead and realising the low cost model of service delivery.

The carelink+ client portal provides the client and/or family with the real time ability to:

  1. view Financial Package balances for any date range including individual transactions, make enquiries and print statements.
  2. view and print the roster (care schedule) and request changes
  3. send requests for changes to client record details, rosters and financial packages but not to add notes, comments or photos however this is planned functionality when Forms can be published on the client portal.
  4. View client record details, funding and much more

Further productivity gains can be realized using the carelink+ employee portal which provides the real time ability for:

  1. Direct care worker or broker to view the roster and enter actual times undertaken for each shift.
    If these times are within tolerances the shift will be automatically award interpreted and approved for payroll purposes
  2. Entering time availability/unavailability
  3. Check and update employee information and much more

The next phase in development is eCommerce to provide the ability to trade between service provider and consumer and clients to record information In documents for evaluations, assessments, care plans, etc.

Watch this space for updates.

The carelink+ suite of products is made for the Australian Community Care Market